Uncover the Mystery…. Five Timeless Exhibit Design Trends for 2018 and Beyond

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A new year is a new opportunity to reflect and plan for what’s next. Articles abound with hot new trends for the year. There are trends that come into the market every year, but are they really new? Or these so-called “trends”, tried and true standards of excellence that have stood the test of time for being highly impactful?

Stay on Brand.

Don’t get distracted from your core messaging. Consistency in brand is paramount.

Consistency of messaging from all market outreach programs isn’t optional; it’s required.  In 2018, your customers will encounter you company multiple times through many channels; make sure the message they receive is consistent. When strategizing for your next trade show, industry event or activation, don’t be tempted to go off brand for a location, anniversary year, milestone or as a reaction or counteraction to a competitors’ marketing mix. It’s ok to play with a theme for an event but the branding needs to stay consistent across all channels not just for this year but also for the sustainability of your brand experience efforts.


Logistics Rule

Easy Set-up, and easy to transport.

It can be easy to get wrapped up in designs that aren’t sustainable for the long haul or practical for implementation. The rendering may look amazing, but is it sustainable, are the life cycle costs in line with your budget? Good design ensures efficiency in transportation, optimization of labor costs for set-up and dismantle and the durability of materials. Adhering to these logistical rules is also a way to effectively manage reoccurring costs that the exhibit will warrant.


Clear Messaging

In 10 seconds or less you need to connect with your target audience. 

The fact of the matter is, if you have about 10 seconds to grab someone’s attention and they approach your exhibit space. Make sure your messaging and graphics create an immediate emotional connection to your brand. The response should be something that engages, excites or creates a sense of wonder.


Lighting is a worthy investment.

Multiple layers for general space (ambient), task and decorative lighting.

Lighting attracts, a well-lit exhibit space attracts attention. Too often in design, lighting takes a back seat to structure. A well-lit space will make you stand out from the sea of exhibits around you.   Just like your messaging, lighting needs to be a multi-layered approach – task lighting, ambient, product displays and decorative. The lighting needs to be appropriate to the space. Take into consideration what you are drawing attention to, make sure that product displays have good clear light that doesn’t wash out or alter your brand colors, use caution around AV equipment to much or misdirected light makes it difficult to view AV displays.

Quality Counts.

The old adage – The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. 

A clean, quality, good-looking exhibit is part of your brand message and the perception of the quality is the responsibility of the exhibiting company. Quality is everything. Quality will ensure the longevity of your exhibit or elements of it you plan to use year after year. Good quality counts beyond any trend that can come into the market and it will stand the test of moving logistics and set ups/tear downs, changing consumption habits of the variety of individuals who will visit your activation. And since everything is branding associated with your company, client or product quality control will also help you stay on brand.

Stay on Brand – Understand Logistics – Ensure Clear Messaging – Lighting is Key – Quality Prevails

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Guy Cinq-Mars | Senior Account Executive

Posted on by K2 Team

“Deliver on what you promise. Be honest, honesty will always prevail. If you aren’t honest with a client it will come and get you.”

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Guy serves as a Senior Account Executive at K2 Design and Fabrication. Responsible for new business development and client relations, Guy regularly works with large, multi-billion dollar organizations ensuring that their market development programs are optimized for highest return on investment and exceeding client objectives.

Guy began his career “in the shop” where he built exhibits for 15 years, then moving to Project Management before his current role.  This background is a key component to the success that he brings forth today. “my build experience gives me the skillset to take client requirements and translate into a cost effective, user friendly solution for the client.’

His goals? Make the client happy and help the client look good in front of their boss.   Ensure that as a team, K2 exceeds the client’s expectations and that the program we deliver drives forward their business objectives.

Armed with the advantage of a good historical perspective of changes within the industry, Guy brings expert insights to the table for his clients. “The Industry has morphed, from really large heavy components to lighter components and now it’s a hybrid. Everything has come back around in style. The looks from past two decades are coming back in some ways. Everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel but at K2 we are trying to make the wheel a unique one that no one else has!”

Guy stresses he cherishes the integrity and family values at K2 that he is empowered to pass along to his clients. “At the end of the day, it’s still concrete to concrete when you get to a show and are waiting with your crate to load in and set up. You get there before the client and you leave after the client. If clients are happy, I’m happy. If they aren’t happy I’m pissed!”

After working elsewhere he admits, “I wanted to come back to a company like K2 because at other exhibit houses all you are is a number and all they care about is numbers.”

While his commitment to his clients keeps him busy year round, Guy, who recently bought a home in a resort community in Arizona, enjoys off-road adventures, spending time on his boat on the Colorado River, taking in the desert scenery, and traveling to the wine country.

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Small Business Enterprise, Transitvue Makes A Name For Themselves At Key Industry Expo

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Every three years the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Annual Meeting, Expo is held for the fast-growing public transportation industry. With three years between each expo, and major industry players always shining with large-scale exhibits, Transitvue worked with K2 Design and Fabrication in Southern California to execute its exhibit with an experiential marketing strategy.

Maria Rivera, Director of Marketing at Transitvue

Maria Rivera, Director of Marketing at Transitvue

The communications systems manufacturer and integrator based in Chino, CA started working with Carol Bjorn, Account Executive, at K2, armed with many ideas but a limited budget. “K2 took our ideas and allowed them to materialized and advised how to put in displays and make things flow better. It was wonderful,” exclaimed Maria Rivera, Director of Marketing at Transitvue.

Transitvue needed to think about the audience that is unfamiliar with their name or their capabilities. Unlike some competitors at the show, Transitvue and K2 strategized to do this without bringing in actual transportation industry equipment, such as buses and railway cars, which would significantly increase the budget. The vision was to have booth visitors experience the full scope of Transitvue’s offerings in 300 square feet or a 10’x30’ tradeshow booth.


A Walk Through the Transit Experience

Transitvue’s primary goal was to show that they offer not just one product, but several advanced integrated communications systems for the public transportation industry. Whereas some public transportation company manufacturers only offer products, Transitvue provides systems integration of the Passenger Information Systems, Intrusion Detection and Pedestrian Alert Notification; and the Security Systems and Operations Consoles.

Working with K2, the Transitvue team envisioned and executed an experiential marketing strategy that successfully showed the scope of the company as a systems integrator responsible for the safe operations of public transportation networks. The exhibit made it immediately obvious to the prospect in the aisle the areas that Transitvue provided expertise. A logical flow from digital signage in a cutaway of a train module, life-like backdrop of a station including custom flooring with fully operational digital signage, security cameras, and sensor mat activation; and finally a cutaway of an operations center where live cameras capture station activity.


Engagements and Conversions Provide Positive ROI

“Everything flowed perfectly,” Rivera said. The Transitvue team was able to walk prospects through the space from start to finish in only a few minutes, answer questions and allow people to directly engage with products and services. The expo is full of industry experts, consultants, and transportation company buyers and engineers. By activating and managing a highly interactive space, Transitvue showed it is not a small, single-service operation; but, instead a comprehensive company able to fulfill large multi-faceted contracts.

Further, the team at Transitvue felt the company stood out in a sense of that they didn’t just show a bunch of products, but told a story. “People stayed longer and we could show one system and could pull them into another topic,” explains Rivera. “Our elevator pitch was very easy to do within the space!”

From the expo, Transitvue was able to establish key contacts, receive invitations for proposals and meet with key industry influencers. Since the sales cycle for the industry is one to three years, establishing these relationships is critical as is continual reinforcement during the time leading up the expo and at the expo itself. “K2 made it happen,” concluded Rivera.

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K2 Hires Account Executive Collette Sutton

Posted on by K2 Team

K2 Design & Fabrication is thrilled to announce that Collette Sutton has joined the team as an Account Executive. Collette has more than two decades of trade show industry experience. A respected leader, she brings a strong commitment to building lasting client relationships and a clear ability to work with clients with the utmost professionalism. Collette will be a key to the continued success of the company.

Having spent 15 years at Skyline Exhibits Los Angeles, Collette successfully partnered with a broad variety of exhibitors, vendors and custom houses to produce creative and strategic solutions and experiential marketing activations. Now, as an Account Executive for K2, Collette is poised to deliver fruitful event activations to K2 clients from start to finish.

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What Exactly is Experiential Marketing at Trade Shows?

Posted on by K2 Team

In our industry you hear the term Experiential Marketing or Event Marketing. We use it ourselves. But what is “Experiential Marketing” exactly? And why does it matter for your brand?

According to Berd Schmitt in the Journal of Marketing, Experiential Marketing , sometimes also referred to as “Event Marketing” or “Engagement Marketing”  differs from traditional marketing in how consumers engage. Schmitt states that, “Traditional marketing views consumers as rational decision-makers who care about functional features and benefits. In contrast, experiential marketers view consumers as rational and emotional human beings who are concerned with achieving pleasurable experiences.”

Within this model, Schmitt defines five different experiences that marketers can create for customers:

  • Sensory experiences (SENSE)
  • Affective experiences (FEEL)
  • Creative cognitive experiences (THINK)
  • Physical experiences, behaviors and lifestyles (ACT)
  • Social-identity experiences that result from relating to a reference group or culture (RELATE)

Tapping into these experiences can directly correlate to various goals within your marketing mix. Who you can convert into a lead or client, will be determined by how parts of your display create emotional reactions. For example, do your consumers primarily utilize smart devices to read their emails, news, social media and other content? Are they busy professionals with limited free time? Having a place within your activation that allows them to charge their phones while viewing a live demo within the space or video, will translate better than vertical banners and wall wraps with information.

Considering occurrences that shape event marketing displays is one area our Account Executives will address during a consultation.

To incorporate experiential marketing elements into your next custom tradeshow booth, display, exhibit or any other activation, please contact us at info@k2fabrication.com or call 951-808-9092.

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New Ways to Engage Existing Customers at Trade Shows

Posted on by K2 Team

trade shows

You’re gearing up for annual trade shows or industry events you exhibit at every year. You know the drill, who’s who, what you need to accomplish, how to optimize your time talking about your brand. You are a pro at this however you’ve noticed every year more  brands are popping up and diverting attention. You’re well known, respected and have longevity, however you fear you are losing your existing customers to new exciting ventures.

Does this sound familiar? Most every brand deals with having to find new ways to engage existing customers.

Here are the three top ways to generate a reaction and promote engagement with existing costumers utilizing custom displays at trade shows or industry events.

Revisit the Feedback Cycle or Start One

Accessing past surveys, emails, testimonials and reviews is a great way to take the temperature of an existing customers. What did he or she like? Was the general consensus favorable or negative? How did they view your brand after the event or trade show. This is valuable information that needs to be collected. If you haven’t collected this type of information, now is a great time to build it into the workflow.

Testing Testing

Gather a small test group made up of your target audience members to engage with your  custom display before its debut. Solicit users for this test group via social media. An added benefit on your channels is the engagement it will generate. Ask for what you want and create an incentive if for participation. For example, you can post that you are seeking automotive industry fans and employees, who are available on a specific date and live within 10 miles of your location for user testing.

Showcase What’s New

Showing off what new product or service your company offers is a promising way to engage existing customers. Create exclusivity and intrigue by inviting past customers to a preview event. Intermix customer favorites for brand recognition and value while previewing what’s new and exciting to further engagement with past customers.

These past customers can be a wonderful asset to your brand at an event as they serve not only as users but also can be ambassadors talking up your product or service to others. Further, they may have a vested interest in your success and will provide valuable feedback for improving your experiential marketing for the next major show or event.

K2 can work with you to gauge past feedback and build new displays or renovate previously used displays to keep up in a highly saturated market space. Our longevity with many clients also serves as a tool for our account executives to customize new recommendations based on historical experiences, purchases and comments.

For more information, contact us today at Connect@k2fabrication.com or 951-808-9092. And connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!

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